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Outdoor Living

There are two separate elements to landscape design. The first element encompasses the soft-scape containing flowers, plants, trees or living materials. The second element is the hardscaping which is the non-living or inanimate material incorporated into your design. Incorporating these elements will add value to your home as well as create a more attractive and comfortable environment. These elements are patios, walkways, fire pit areas, retaining walls, raised planters, and landscape borders. All of these design elements may be constructed with wood, concrete, brick, decorative stone, boulders, or pottery.


You may desire something as simple as a stepping stone pathway guiding you through the lawn or landscape beds. Or an interlocking brick paver walkway down the side of your home. Decorative stone pathways and walkways as well as custom built stone planters, retaining walls, seating and fire-pit areas can be strategically placed throughout your landscaping for effect and aesthetics. These elements can help create fun focal points similar to the elements used when decorating the inside of your home. 


Evergreen Outdoor Services can incorporate decorative outdoor living elements into your landscape areas. These elements will set your property apart from your neighbors and create usable, purposeful spaces. The most impressive home makeovers successfully incorporate the softscape plants and ornamental's along with a hardscape design. Contact us for a complimentary consultation for your next outdoor project!


Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

Garden Fountains & Pottery

Incorporate a custom garden fountain, statement pottery pieces or decorative rocks and boulders into your landscape garden.  Since were also irrigation contractors, we can keep the plants in your pottery watered with a drip irrigation system. Let us give you the freedom to  travel without worrying about your potted plants! 

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