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Pristine Landscapes

Quality service for every detail of your outdoor project!

Landscape Services

There are a variety of landscape service providers in South West Florida. Many of these services specialize in lawn mowing maintenance without understanding or providing the specialty care required for many of our South Florida plants and trees. We provide horticultural knowledge for the proper installation and maintenance for all of your properties plants and trees.


Evergreen Outdoor Services specializes in customizing and maintaining your landscape investment. Our services begin below ground with your irrigation system to guarantee the best possible outcome for everything above ground. We get to know you and your property, allowing us to provide the best possible care for your landscape investment. We are able to complete your landscape fertilization treatments along with fungus and pest management for your plants, shrubs, trees and ornamental's. We provide specialty trimming and hand pruning for all your landscape plants and trees as well as a variety of other customization services. Our landscape maintenance services do not include lawn cutting, we offer specialty landscape care customized for every property on a one time or as needed basis. We don't believe in on-going maintenance contracts. If and when you need us, contact us, we will evaluate your property, estimate your cost, and get everything looking beautiful and healthy again!  


No matter how small or large of a landscape clean-up your property may require, we can provide the knowledge and skill to complete your project to your expectations. Contact Evergreen Outdoor Services today to discuss your properties landscaping objectives. We will come on site to evaluate your project and compile a customized plan of action for your specific goals!

Custom Landscape Design & Landscape Renovations

Landscape Services Menu

  • Landscape Demolition

  • Landscape Clean-Up

  • Landscape Design

  • Landscape Renovations

  • Debris Haul Away & Disposal

  • Landscape Installations

  • Lawn & Landscape Fertilization

  • Landscape Fungus & Pest Managemnet

  • Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs

  • Irrigation System Installations

  • Drainage Systems

  • Hardscape Installations

  • Landscape Bed/Island Creation

  • Landscape Edging & Curbing

  • Rock, Stone & Shell

  • Mulching

  • Palm Trees Delivered & Installed

  • Shrub, Plant & Ornamental Replacements

  • Trimming & Pruning

  • Edging

  • Weed Control

  • Outdoor/Landscape Lighting

  • Walkways, Pathways & Patios

  • Firepits

  • Decorative Stone Columns

  • Retaining Walls

  • Canopy Trees

  • Sod Deliver & Install

  • Water Features & Fountains

  • Patio, Lanai & Pool Landscaping

  • Tree, Shrub & Garden Service

  • Raised Vegetable & Herb Gardens

  • Trellis Installations

  • Annual & Seasonal Plantings

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