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Move your standing Water!

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Drainage Solutions

Florida's Gulf Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. Did you know, that we can receive more rain in one day than many places in our country receive in an entire year? Our daily afternoon storms can release several inches of rain within an hour! This continued rainfall during the summer will create a swampy mess for many property owners. Southwest Florida is under constant growth and development creating drainage issues for many commercial and residential properties. Changes to the water flow, grade, landscape or hardscape at your property or surrounding properties may create standing water issues that will eventually become the property owners responsibility to address. 

The nature of water is to follow the course of least resistance. Eventually, it will settle in low areas where it can no longer flow to its designated discharge point. Heavy and continued rainfall is typically the catalyst that sets drainage issues in motion. When rainfall occurs, poorly drained and developed sites can become flooded in areas that weren't designed to hold or discharge water. Then add the possibility of additional rainfall from tropical storm systems to an already high water table, and the potential for catastrophic damage to your property increases. The installation of a drainage system will allow this standing water to flow to its designated discharge point. Such areas are provided to allow the water runoff to easily flow to its proper storm water destination. Otherwise, this water may stand in unwanted areas for extended periods of time. Living with some degree of temporary water pooling is just part of living in paradise during the summer. However, when the standing water around your property renders your outdoor spaces unusable, threatens intrusion to your home or its foundation, causes damage to your landscape plants and trees, or starts providing a residence for unwanted snakes, pests, wildlife or bugs, you may need to seek out professional solutions to your water drainage issues. . 


Evergreen Outdoor Services can help to reduce or eliminate prolonged standing water around your property. We have solutions to effectively move the water around your property to its proper place of discharge. Every properties solution is unique, our drainage solutions are customized to not only move your water, but to consider your landscaping, irrigation and our local waterways while we develop our plan of action. We install below ground drainage systems specifically designed to move water around your property or hold the water and allow it to slowly percolate back into the soil. Our experience and techniques with outdoor water drainage systems may solve or greatly decrease your standing water issues. Contact Evergreen Outdoor Services to discuss a complimentary site evaluation and cost estimate. 

Lawn Drainage Solutions

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