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Keep it Up!

Quality service for every detail of your outdoor project!

Repairs & Maintenance

Irrigation System Repairs & Maintenance:

Evergreen Irrigation & Landscaping | Cape Coral, FL | Repairs & Maintenane for Irrigiation Systems

Evergreen Outdoor Services offers the expertise to diagnose and repair the many different problems your sprinkler system will encounter. We service and repair all types of lawn irrigation systems even if we did not complete the initial installation. 


When we arrive on site, we will begin turning on your sprinkler system to accurately diagnose any existing problems. Once your repairs are diagnosed and discussed, we will complete our repairs quickly and correctly the first time to help achieve optimal performance from your existing sprinkler system. We guarantee the products we sell against defects as well as our workmanship. This allows our clients to rest assured that their repair investment is covered and detailed on each invoice.


We also provide routine maintenance service on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis to keep your irrigation system running efficiently all year long. This service includes an inspection, test and wet check of all your irrigation systems controls and components along with head adjustments, setting the time clock to your local code, as well as broken pipe and head inspections. Many of us are asleep when our irrigation systems are operating and may have no idea of repairs that may need to be addressed until something drastic occurs. Your automatic irrigation system requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Contact us today for more information regarding our repair and routine maintenance services.


Landscape Maintenance Services:

We're not only experts regarding the repair and maintenance of your irrigation system, we also have all the knowledge and tools of the trade to maintain your landscape plants and trees. We specialize in keeping your irrigation system operating for optimal performance as well as making sure it provides an adequate amount of water for your landscape investment. Along with making sure your landscape receives the proper amount of water all year long, we offer routine, one time or as needed landscape maintenance service. This service includes trimming and pruning of all your landscape plants, shrubs, ornamental's, small- medium sized trees and palms. Our goal is to help protect your landscape investment as well as offer a beautiful presentation of your property for many years to come with service that surpasses traditional lawn maintenance.


We also provide clean-up and debris removal services for properties that may need a little extra TLC. Whether its horticultural debris or other debris that has compiled on your property such as old fencing, wood, plastic or metal we have the machinery and equipment to safely and effectively remove unwanted debris as well as transport and dispose of it properly. Contact Evergreen Outdoor Services today to schedule your next landscape maintenance service!

Evergreen Outdoor Services | Fort Myers, FL | Landscape Maintenance Services
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