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Our Process

Evergreen Outdoor Services will handle every step of the process to transform your outdoor space into your own personal and custom dream. Our process was developed to guarantee your outdoor project is completed on time, on budget and to your satisfaction. Outlined below is a guide for this process to ensure the integrity of each outdoor project we complete. This process may include a custom landscape design completed by a professional landscape designer or an informal sketch or rendering. You decide how we can help you!


When considering any outdoor project the first step is an on-site consultation. This initial consultation is scheduled with each client to discuss their outdoor project in detail. 


A licensed professional will meet you on site to discuss your project and evaluate the property. We take this opportunity to get a feel for your property and the best way to meet your expectations. We will discuss the design options for the scope of your project and may schedule another formal design consultation to best serve your projects requirements. Initial consultations typically last about an hour and are always free in an effort to earn your business.

Evergreen Outdoor Services | Serving Lee County & South West Florida | Schedule a Free Landscape Consultation


After discussing your design options, we begin the process of completing a custom landscape design if recommended. A formal  landscape design is a fee based service and will be discussed with each client individually. In many cases, a formal design is not necessary to move forward with your outdoor project. This will be discussed and determined during your consultation.


In these cases, an informal design can be provided. This would not be drawn to scale, rather an informal digital rendering or sketch of the installation areas depending on the scope of your project. In other situations, a formal discussion and verbal agreement on installation locations may be sufficient and effective for your outdoor projects. This service is complimentary allowing us to quickly move into the proposing, and scheduling process without incurring design fees and time.


You may also choose to provide your own design specifications or drawings in order for us to quickly move forward.

Evergreen Irrigation & Landscaping | Cape Coral, FL | Custom Landscape Design Services

Finalizing & Proposing 

Once we have determined the scope of your project we will submit a formal proposal. There may be additional trips and consultations at the project site to take measurements, photos and make additional considerations based on the complexity of your outdoor project. This is when the office staff will get involved. Communication with clients is imperative for the overall success of your project.


After finalizing the details of your outdoor project a formal proposal will be completed. Proposals are a detailed list of each phase of your project listing the materials and labor required to complete your project from start to finish along with their associated costs as discussed during your consultation

Evergreen Outdoor Services | Fort Myers, FL | Finalizing & Proposing Custom Landscape Projects

Contract & Project Coordination

Once we provide your proposal, the ball is in your court to decide when we begin to move forward with your outdoor project. We will request signed contracts and a contract deposit fee.  This varies for each project and will be discussed with each client. 


If there are any requirements for permits, underground location services, engineering or community approval we will begin this process once the signed contract has been received. We also begin ordering and locating all materials to complete your project. All of this takes place before we even begin on site work. Once all the paperwork is complete and finalized we will provide you the start date. This is the date we can begin the initial on site work.

Evergreen Outdoor Services | Bonita Springs, FL | Our Process - Contract & Project Coordination

Implement Construction

At this point, we begin implementation of your project to the specifications of your approved custom landscape design or agreed upon installation areas. All projects are different and present their own set of challenges and obstacles. We approach each project carefully, knowing that one of the greatest benefits of this process is our attention to detail when completing your outdoor project.


We ask that you not schedule any other work to be performed at your property while your outdoor project is being implemented. If this is necessary, please discuss this with us before we schedule on site work so we may plan accordingly. Working around other contractors and their materials can be very challenging and disrupt our schedule and progress as well as theirs.


Evergreen Irrigation & Landscaping | Lee County | Landscape Construction Services

Walk-through & Guarantee

Once your project is complete we will do a final walk-through to confirm that your installation has been completed per the custom landscape design or agreed upon specifications including any changes or additions that may have been discussed and implemented. After the walk-through, we will request the final payment.


Maintenance and care for your newly installed materials will now be turned over to you. Our guarantee will be discussed with you and proper care for your project will be explained. General maintenance will need to be considered for each new installation. This is the time to set up your maintenance program to insure the best outcome for any newly installed or existing materials.

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Landscape Project Process

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