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Irrigation Systems

An automatic irrigation system is an integral part of a healthy lawn and landscape. A properly designed and functioning irrigation system is necessary to maintain lawns and landscapes in Southwest Florida throughout the year. 


Evergreen Outdoor Services offers full service irrigation system installations, renovations and repair services. We understand that each property has its own unique watering demands, so we deliver and professionally install only the industries leading parts and components. Every installation or repair we complete is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship. You can rest assured that your lawn sprinkler system will been installed, renovated and repaired to last.


Our services not only include traditional irrigation methods. We can design, renovate and install systems with water saving technology including low volume irrigation heads and drip irrigation systems for your landscape beds and trees. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to your plants root systems with no over spray on your home, cars, windows and walkways.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the proper amount of water coverage to efficiently move water around their lawn and landscape. We understand Florida's plants and trees, knowing the proper amount of water to administer is the key to a healthy landscape. Whether you need a new irrigation system installation or have an existing irrigation system that needs repaired or renovated, we have the experience and knowledge you can depend on! 




Residential & Commercial Irrigation Systems

   Irrigation System Services


  • Residential Irrigation System Installation & Service

  • Commercial Irrigation System Installation & Service

  • Licensed Irrigation Contractor Consultations/Diagnosis

  • Complete Sprinkler System Renovation

  • Reclaimed/ Grey Water Hook-up

  • Utility Line Location Services

  • Irrigation System Renovation After Pool Install

  • Irrigation System Renovation After New Patio Install

  • Additional Zones/Coverage

  • Rain Sensors

  • Wet Checks/ Design Diagnosis

  • Valve/ Solenoid Replacements/Updates

  • Valve Manifold Location Service

  • Valve Manifold Updates

  • Drip, Micro & Low Emittance Irrigation

  • PVC Repair

  • Pipe Breaks & Leak Detection

  • Time Clock Replacements

  • Rotor Head, Spray Head & Nozzle Replacements

  • Reclaimed Water Filter Installations

  • Routine Maintenenace Service

  • Spray Pattern Adjustments

  • Timeclock Code & Time Change Settings

  • Wet Check System Diagnosis Service

  • Pump Start Relay 

Micro irrigation
Evergreen Outdoor Services | Cape Coral, FL | Irrigation Systems - Design & Installation - Sprinkler Systems


Ask us about ways to conserve water along with having the freedom to water your landscape plants and trees as often as you like! 

We have solutions for complex irrigation requirements. 

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