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Sod Installation


Love your Florida Lawn 

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Sod Service

Evergreen Outdoor Services offers the highest quality, freshly cut sod available, delivered directly to your property. We install a wide variety of sods including St Augustine, Palmetto, Sapphire, Seville, Floratam, Zoysia, and Bahia.


Sod project costs are calculated using the square footage of the area you wish to have sod installed multiplied by the current market price of the sod variety of your choice. Although many of us believe that grass is grass, keep in mind that not all sod is grown using the same soil or technique. There are many different growers throughout the State of Florida and they each use their own methods to cultivate their sod which determines its individual viability and health. We know the growers and farms producing quality sod and specialize in providing this premium sod delivered directly to our customers properties for installation.


Once a measurement is determined there are other factors that need to be considered. This includes the removal of your existing lawn and weeds along with any grading or leveling that may need to be completed to prepare the site. New sod can slightly raise the elevation of your property and create drainage and water flow changes as well as leave a bumpy or mounded appearance if these issues are not properly considered. 


Proper water administration is another important factor to be considered. New sod installation will require water to be administered through an automatic lawn irrigation system every day for the first 30-45 days. A properly designed and well adjusted irrigation system ensures the best possible outcome for the health and appearance of your new sod for many years to come. The right amount of water will help stave off pests and weeds. Too little water can lead to weed and bug infestations, and too much water can lead to other pest and fungus issues. This is why, it is to your benefit to have a company that can properly evaluate all of these factors, provide your new sod installation service. It wouldn't make sense to hang all your pictures on the walls and then paint around them. The same way it wouldn't make sense to install new sod and then address your irrigation system, drainage issues or landscape projects. 

Sod Delivery & Installation

Evergreen Outdoor Services | Lee County | Fresh Sod Installation & Delivery

Love Your Lawn!

Installing a new lawn is a large investment to increase your properties value and curb appeal. When you choose Evergreen Outdoor Services to install your new lawn, we recommend sod and care techniques that will allow your lawn to look this green even through Florida's dry season. Our photos are of the lawns and sod we have installed through our preferred sod vendors. If you want to love your lawn, contact us to find out how! 

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