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Frequently Asked Questions:


Are there any warranties or guarantees after my project is complete?


Yes, we offer warranties and guarantees for various aspects of each project. Most materials are warrantied against defects and workmanship is guaranteed for a specified time. Every product or service has its own specific guarantee or warranty clause including certain exclusions or responsibilities of the property owner. These are detailed on each proposal and become part of the contract when executed.


How many weeks is the average time to complete a project?


The average time from initial consultation to implementation is 2-8 weeks. Singular or smaller projects may only take 4-14 days from time of commitment. Time of commitment is when we receive a signed contract and coinciding project down payment. The complexity of each project determines the length of time it will take. Our schedule varies at different times during the calendar year. If you need your project completed within a specific time frame, we are always willing to accomodate customer requests to the best of our ability.


What things should I consider before choosing a company/contractor?


Experience, knowledge, reputation and cost paired with a positive feeling regarding the contractor and company should be the deciding factor when choosing a professional for your outdoor project. Larger mostly employee-operated companies typically provide more resources and scalability spending most of their time concentrating on large commercial projects and accounts. These are the companies that may send commission based sales people to meet with you regarding your outdoor project. Smaller, owner-operated companies provide more flexibility offering a hands on approach and the attention to detail most clients desire when completing an outdoor project at their home or business. 


Always compare apples to apples when comparing one companies estimate with another. If you are not versed within the industry, its difficult to understand the subtle changes that may create estimated cost differences. In many cases, quality of materials, material size, material quantity, or the installation and project management techniques will not be obvious cost variables on your proposal. If you receive proposals with large differences in project costs, you should request an explanation to help determine what factors are contributing to these cost variables.


Evergreen Irrigation & Landscaping strives to be competitively priced and offer some of the most skilled craftsmanship available in the business. We quote our projects using industry standard pricing for quality materials and workmanship. Estimates in any industry will vary from one company to another for various reasons but should all be in the same general ball park. Only inquire with licensed and insured contractors and companies. Always, request a certificate of insurance from your contractor and make sure they have workers compensation insurance. If they don’t, and their employee gets hurt on your property, you may be liable. Also, ask for proof of license if they are performing licensed contracting work. These factors are the unknown variables for cost differences in many industries. Most importantly, find a company and contractor you can communicate with, one who is reputable, knowledgeable and going to be on site for your project every step of the way. Open lines of communication are the key to any successful relationship.


What is the industry standard pricing for some of the work I may be requesting?


Demolition and Installation of new landscaping for an entire home: ($1,000-$100,000)

New irrigation system installation entire property: ($1,600 -$10,000)

Irrigation system renovation for existing systems: ($500-$5000)

Drainage systems ($500-$50,000)

Sod delivered & installed with demo of existing lawn partial-whole ($1500-$10,000)

Custom landscape edging/curbing ($4-$8 linear ft.)

Water features ($1000-$50,000)

Landscape lighting ($1,000- $50,000)

Paver-Stone-Concrete installation ($5-$20 per sq. ft.)

Stone fire pit ($1500-$5000)

Stone retaining wall ($2500-$50,000)

Irrigation repair service ($75-$1,000+)

(Estimated costs are for illustrative purposes only, they will vary and are subject to change)


Why do you charge for a landscape design?


All services have costs involved as well as people who need to be paid for their work. The design fee is not charged as a way to gain company profits. This fee is charged to pay the cost associated with the design process. The purpose of the design is to sell a concept and coinciding project. The design becomes your property to be executed whenever you choose. Any contracts totaling over $20,000 in work performed will be credited back the design fee or $500, whichever is less, on the final project invoice.


Do you provide free estimates?


Yes, we do provide free estimates for our services. An estimate, by definition, is a rough calculation or judgement of the extent, time and materials needed to complete a project and may or may not be an exact diagnosis or cost agreement. We provide a vartiety of services and offer free consultations in an effort to earn your business. We do provide exact cost proposals for any new outdoor project, installation or maintenance contract.   


Why is a budget important before designing an outdoor project?


Your budget helps determine the design process. There are variable costs for materials, size of plants and trees, specialty items such as lighting, pottery, walkways and water features which can make huge differences in the total cost of a project. Our goal is to meet your expectations without presenting a project outside of your budget parameters. We always have options and solutions to change the total cost yet still meet your goals. We can also work in phases with our customers, implementing different aspects of your project as your budget allows.


Do you use subcontractors?


Evergreen Irrigation LLC (DBA) Evergreen Irrigation & Landscaping is a fully licensed and insured landscape development company offering a full menu of services to complete any size or scope of outdoor project. We perform and complete most all of  the services we offer in house. However, we may use or refer a select group of  specialty contractors or service providers when necessary. This is typically not necessary for most projects and will be discussed with any customers in advance of scheduling a project if relevant.




Please feel free to contact Evergreen Irrigation & Landscaping with any questions or concerns about our services. We look forward to working with you on your next outdoor project!



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